Spring coming is also the time when the house takes advantage of cleaning to welcome Tet. To make this no longer an obsession for the whole family, let’s take a look at the following 05 extremely useful modern devices with AMBD:

Robot vacuums

In the past, to keep the floor clean, we would need to sweep and mop every day. This requires a housewife to spend a certain amount of time and energy. However, now everything is easier with Robotek Robot Vacuum Cleaner with features:

  • Laser navigation system – memorize multi-storey house map
  • Remotely control the robot by phone & schedule automatic work
  • Virtual wall feature, select priority cleaning area on the app
  • Anti-collision, anti-falling stairs and wall edge sensors
  • Automatic battery charging
  • The feature of returning to the unworked area after the battery is fully charged
  • Voice announcement in Vietnamese – English

Robot hút bụi, lau nhà Robotek W750 | Nhà Thông Minh Việt Sun

Steam cleaning machine

Thoroughly clean your home and kill bacteria with the Karcher SC 3 EASYFIX steam cleaner to keep your beloved home as safe as possible. With the Kärcher steam cleaner, you and your whole family can enjoy a completely clean home – without chemicals. With outstanding cleaning performance, steam can kill 99.99% of common household bacteria, ensuring the highest hygiene standards and a healthy living environment. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, on the floor or for ironing, the Kärcher Steam Cleaner delivers comprehensive results

Siêu thị Điện máy Nội Thất Chợ Lớn | Máy Làm Sạch Bằng Hơi Nước KARCHER SC 1 Premium | Điện Máy Chợ Lớn

High pressure washer

Using a Kärcher high-pressure cleaner (High Pressure Pump) is an extremely simple and quick way to clean areas such as the garden, the outside or around the house. In addition, this is also a great device to help you clean your car at home and still clean as deep and perfect as going to the garage.

Máy bơm rửa xe mini gia đình Karcher có tốt không?

Magic multi-purpose cleaning sponge

Melamine multi-purpose cleaning sponge must be no stranger to the online community in recent times. This is a new generation cleaning material consisting of 100% melamine. The unique feature of melamine foam is that it doesn’t need any detergent to clean even the most stubborn stains

Bộ 3 set mút lau chùi đa năng Melamine (set 10 miếng) - Hàng nội điạ Nhật | TikiCOMBO 4 Miếng Mút thần kỳ Magic Sponge GÔM HẾT MỌI VẾT BẨN Kích thước 12.5cmx8.3cmx3.2cm/ 1 miếng- CONDOR | Tiki

Bed mattress vacuum cleaner

After a long day of work/study, everyone wants to lie back on a comfortable bed. However, the bed is a hiding place for a lot of dirt & bacteria, or animal hair for homes with pets. Therefore, regular mattress cleaning is essential to ensure good health for the whole family. Deerma CM1990 mattress bed vacuum cleaner will be your good assistant.

  • Can be assembled into a bacteria-removing vacuum cleaner and an ordinary hand-held vacuum cleaner
  • Wireless (Built-in battery)
  • Three multifunctional brush heads are easy to change and install
  • Small and light
  • Set resonance beats, ultraviolet rays, big suction in one
  • Simple installation steps
  • Battery life lasts up to 30 minutes
  • Smart infrared sensor protection device to prevent UV leakage
  • Dust cup and filter can be cleaned
  • Equipped with signal lights

Diệt khuẩn tia UV của máy hút bui giường nệm Deerma CM1900