Reuse plastic bags – Reduce plastic waste

Plastic bags will become a serious source of environmental pollution if the handling of these bags is not paid attention. Over 30 million tons of plastic are released into the environment every year  and less than half of it is recycled. So what should we do? We can first try to use less plastic bags or reuse them many times. Here are 5 ways that we reuse plastic bags:

1. Use for packaging

Plastic bags are very light and durable, so they have many uses. One of the best ways to reuse plastic bags is to use them for packaging. We can use many plastic bags to line fragile items when we want to transport them for long distances, instead of buying more plastic packaging air bags or foam to line the inside of the cargo boxes, can you pump more? Air into the plastic bag and seal the mouth of the bag. This way of using not only helps us save our packaging costs but also helps reduce plastic waste into the environment.

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2. Store and use when needed

Plastic bags can be really handy when we face some problems in daily life. Try storing them in convenient places to use for the unexpected events. Some good places to keep them are:

In the car in case someone gets car sick
In the closet room to quickly store things like baby’s diapers
In the camping bag to store changed clothes
In the kitchen cabinet or with other cleaning tools to line the trash

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3. Used to store pet poop

The pet poop storing is also a great plus for reusing plastic bags. If you have pets at home, you will know how important it is to clear your pet’s waste before it starts to smelt, smell, and contaminate anything they get on. Therefore, prepare plastic bags to avoid the pet’s poop stinking and making it difficult to clean up!

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4. Sending to people who need them

A lot of volunteer groups need large quantities of plastic bags to distribute utensils or food in small portions to share among many people, or convenience stores near your home also need many bags to pack products for customers. We can collect as many plastic bags as possible and bring them to these places so that the bags can be reused as many times as possible.

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5. Use them as lining bags or garbage bags

We can use plastic bags to line all kinds of items from indoors to the garden, here are some ways to use plastic bags for lining:

Cat litter box
Small trash can
Beach bag
For shoes in case it’s raining

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