The phenomenon of global warming is not too strange for most of us, every human action at the present time will greatly affect the lives of future generations. Therefore, it is very necessary to build the habit of “living green” to protect the environment. How to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising future ones. The following article will give you suggestions for 6 simple actions that you can practice every day to build the habit of protecting the environment.

1. Energy saving

Not only does saving energy help you reduce living costs, but it also helps protect the environment. Why? Because the types of energy that we are using commonly such as electricity, gasoline, and oil are mainly produced through the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil. This process emits CO2, which when accumulated too much will cause the greenhouse effect, making the earth hotter, thereby causing climate change with a series of bad weather phenomena such as: droughts, floods and tsunamis.

By unplugging, turn off electrical appliances when not in use. Only that actions, we have also contributed to slow down the process of CO2 emissions into the environment.

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2. Reuse

Reuse all the things around you, using your creativity and a little ingenuity you can create new functions of old items such as: Use old cutlery to make hangers for accessories and clothes, clean old jars to make tissue paper containers, or use chipped teacups to make mini succulents.

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It’s really hard when you have to do everything yourself to create a new item, while just surfing the web to order an item, waiting for shipping then use. It is our permissiveness in daily needs that causes negative impacts on the environment.

Look at these harmless animals, they are the victims of items they have never used, so let consider reusing these items now!

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3. Plant-based diet

You hear it right, a more plant-based diet will help protect the environment. What does eating food from plants and the environment are related with each other? Methane is like CO2, a greenhouse gas among the top causes of climate change. This gas is produced in the process of raising large livestock such as cows, goats and sheep.

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4. Donation

Just like recycling, we can donate our old items such as clothes, shoes, computers, phones, and toys to those in need. This not only helps to reduce waste into the environment, but also helps people with more difficult conditions have fun and study. You can bring old clothes and toys to AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary to donate and receive movie tickets for the blockbuster season!


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The numbers above make it impossible for us to imagine the scale of their devastation, so let act as soon as you read these lines.

5. Use recycled bags

Plastic bags, plastic bags and plastic bags,…. everything that we bring home is contained or wrapped in plastic bags, the production process of these bags is extremely toxic and after being released into the environment they also cause countless problems for the environment. Air pollution during treatment, blockage of water flow, microplastics,...Use recycled bags, usually a tote bag, to store your belongings after shopping, these bags are often made from durable and environmental friendly materials and we can try to do our best to reuse plastic bags many times.

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5. Walking/cycling

Walking is not using fossil fuel-consuming vehicles that help reduce CO2 emissions into the environment, if your school or company is not too far from home, try walking or cycling. There are a lot of groups walking and cycling together on social media, if you don’t have a local group, just create one on Facebook and invite neighbors or residents around you to join. You can exercise while expand your relationship with the community around you. A pretty effective personal branding method, isn’t it?

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You don’t have to something big, just do small daily actions with a high awareness that we have contributed to building green living habits, bringing good benefits to the environment and community.