Eating before the exam will definitely become a special concern of parents when their children are entering the exam, with the concept of “Pray for holiness. Be patient for good”. Let’s search with AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary for dishes to avoid before the exam according to Vietnamese folk beliefs!

1. EGG

Eggs have a round shape that looks a lot like the number 0, it is thought that that eating eggs can cause people to get bad grades, these are dishes that perhaps the students will never dare to try before the exam date.

2. Black Beans

Black is always associated with bad luck, so eating black food is like wearing bad luck. Black beans are a nutritious food, but students also need to avoid this dish if they don’t want to have bad luck during the exam.


Everyone is afraid of going off topic when doing the test, this is the obsession of the scholar when he has finished his assignment, only to find out that he had done it wrong. Therefore, eating peanuts is getting lost homonym that is also strictly abstained by the students before the exam.


When it comes to bananas, people will immediately think of ridiculous stuff, so eating bananas before the exam is believed to bring bad luck to the students.


Secret is the candidate’s powerless state before the question in the test and is pumpkin’s homonym, so squash is also on the list of foods that should not be eaten before the exam day to avoid bad luck.

In fact, the concepts of abstinence above only help students feel secure before the exam because during the test, knowledge and experience are the decisive factors to the results of the test. Eat well, be healthy and study hard than you will surely achieve results worthy of your efforts.

AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary wishes you a successful exam!