What hot movies will CGV bring this New Year? Let’s take a look with AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary.

Sisters Sisters 2

Sisters Sisters 2 is a film inspired by the anecdote of great beauties Ba Tra and Tu Nhi, recreating the magnificent life in many hidden corners in Saigon a century ago. The film is expected to hit theaters on the Lunar New Year of 2023. “Continuing to be a story revolving around the vortex of love – hatred, money – power, the film Sisters 2 also reveals the hidden corners of two famous beauties. with a luxurious life. But the trade-off is suffering and struggle”; Producer Will Vu shared.

CHỊ CHỊ EM EM 2 | First Look | Minh Hằng, Ngọc Trinh | KHỞI CHIẾU MÙNG 1 TẾT 2023 - YouTube

Sieu lua gap sieu lay

Belonging to the action-comedy style with clever and muddy “tricks” from the duo Tu (Anh Tu) and Khoa (Mac Van Khoa), Sieu Lua gap sieu lay by director Vo Thanh Hoa follows in the footsteps of director Vo Thanh Hoa. Khoa – a “domestic” scammer came to Phu Quoc pearl island with the desire to change his life. Here, Khoa meets Tu – a “real” scammer and joins Tu to carry out missions from small to large. Thinking that Tu’s slyness and Khoa’s good luck would help them become an invincible duo, they unexpectedly faced many bad crying – funny situations. Especially when the duo’s gang quickly expanded because of the presence of Mr. Nam (Nhat Trung) and baby Malay (Ngoc Phuoc).

Siêu Lừa Gặp Siêu Lầy 2022 | Thông tin - Lịch chiếu | CGV

Mrs. Nu’s house
The film revolves around the family of Mrs. Nu (in charge of artist Le Giang) – who works as a cake vendor. The story depicts the complex, multi-dimensional relationships that occur with family members. The main tagline (message) “Every family has secrets” contains many hidden meanings about the content the film wants to convey.
NHÀ BÀ NỮ OFFICIAL TEASER | Một bộ phim mới của Đạo Diễn Trấn Thành - Khởi chiếu mùng 1 Tết 2023 - YouTube
Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre
As the only epic, humorous action blockbuster from Hollywood to be screened during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, Operation Fortune marks the reunion between actor Jason Statham and monster Guy Ritchie, as well as gathering together. many other real names in Hollywood. In order to prevent billionaire and arms dealer Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant) from owning a deadly piece of technology that threatens to disrupt the global order, he and his teammates are forced to recruit Danny Francesco (Josh). Hartnett), the cult Hollywood star that Simmonds adored in order to lure him into the net. However, countless unexpected events happen that make things quickly spiral out of control.
Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre - Phi Vụ Toàn Sao 2023 | Thông tin - Lịch chiếu | CGV

Pororo: Cuộc Phiêu Lưu Đến Dinh Thự Rồng

Pororo and his friends accidentally got lost in the Dragon Mansion and met the Dragon King Arthur. However, this Dragon King has the form of a child. Pororo and his friends discover that an evil sorcerer has sneaked into the Dragon Mansion and stole the Dragon’s Heart with a plot to monopolize this land and make Arthur lose his power. Pororo and his friends decide to side with Arthur to restore his strength and defeat the evil sorcerer. However, during a battle, Crong – the green dinosaur, Pororo’s best friend accidentally absorbed the energy from the Dragon’s Heart and turned into a giant beast. Pororo will have to do to help both friends Crong and Arthur out of the current situation.

Phim "Pororo: Cuộc Phiêu Lưu Đến Dinh Thự Rồng" Trailer | KC 22.01.2023 - YouTube

The Amazing Maurice

Proudly calling himself the Super Maurice, the lovable big fat cat possesses extremely cunning tricks. Maurice befriends Keith, a shy young man with a talent for playing the flute. Both Maurice, Keith and the smart mice form a rather sophisticated gang of scammers: The rats will pretend to flood the town, and Maurice and Keith will provide a service of “chasing mice” by playing the flute, returning it. peace for everyone. The plan was going very well until the gang came to the small town of Bad Blintz and met the powerful nerd Malicia – the daughter of the town chief. Under the leadership of Malicia, the team together uncover the mysteries behind this small town, as well as confront a real villain “boss”.

Phim "Mèo Béo Siêu Đẳng" Trailer | KC 26.01.2023 - YouTube