June is the peak of the movie genre, especially in 2022 with a series of both strange and familiar faces at the box office, moviegoers will surely experience a lot of different emotion and admire the extremely satisfying sence this summer. Book CGV tickets now to enjoy the top 5 hot movies below:


Surely fans of the dinosaur film series will be no stranger to the series of Dinosaur World – Jurassic World released from 2018, Dominion is the 3rd movie of this series. Set in the world after the dinosaur species were liberated and co-existed with humans, the duo Owen Grady and Claire Dearing will continue to face problems caused by illegal genetic engineering. trouble comes from organizations that take advantage of dinosaurs for bad purposes. Especially fans of the Jurassic Park – Jurassic Park movie series will be able to meet the three time trio of the series, which are Dr. Alan Gran, Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm.

In addition to the compelling action, you can also admire the extremely realistic and vivid scenes of legendary dinosaurs such as T-Rex, Mosasaurus, Velociraptor, Atrociraptor, Apatorsaurus, .. really exist and live next to us, the film cleverly integrates the messages of love for life, trust and desire for peace of all creatures on this planet. This movie deserves to be at the top of the list of must-see movies in theaters from June 10 for those who love these wonderful creatures.


The film is being promoted widely on social networking sites. Just hearing the name of the movie “Em and Trinh”, we immediately understand the story that the film wants to tell, this is not the first movie. about musician Trinh Cong Son, but it can be said to be the most complete film about his young years about the muses that inspired composing in the late musician’s life. The film is also a musical party for Trinh’s music-loving souls.

With the presence of veteran actor Meritorious Artist Tran Luc, singer Bui Lan Phuong and many talented young faces such as Avin Lu, Lan Thuy, Hoang Ha, Nakatani Akari, etc. will get closer to the talented musician of Vietnamese music and feel his gentle and multi-dimensional philosophy in music. Come to Em and Trinh as the simplest audience to feel the brilliant cultural space and musical era of Trinh Cong Son from June 17.


In June, it is impossible not to come to the children’s film series, the children will meet again the character Buzz Lightyear who is so famous for the Toys Story series of Pixar movies with the slogan “To infinity and beyond”

This time Lightyear is no longer a toy of Andy, but a flesh-and-blood character, the inspiration to produce Buzz Lightyear toys. Buzz and his new friends join the mission to destroy the alien robot army. With a brave heart and gallantry, Captain Buzz will do what to fight with his new teammates to protect his planet. Book tickets at the nearest CGV theater to join this exciting journey with Buzz Lightyear on June 17!


Audiences who are already passionate about the horror genre can watch the film Black Phone by director Scott Derrickson on June 24.

The story opens when Finney Shaw, a 13-year-old boy, is kidnapped by a serial killer and kept in a room with his phone disconnected, when alone in the room he receives a call. Calling from a broken phone, each call is a salvation from the souls of the victims, so they killed them, trying to help the boy escape with his own experience and warning his relatives. you about the killer. The unequal struggle between Shaw, a 13-year-old boy, with time and with a sick murderer, much better than me in terms of physical strength and experience, in addition to the moments of suspense and monstrosity, we can also Feel the sacred friendship between the characters in the story.


Broker is a story about the journey to find new families for the babies of the indebted laundromat owner Sang Hyun (Song Kang Ho) as a “broker” in the terminology of employees. the transportation of abandoned children to new families. Day by day, he and his young mother So Young (Lee Ji-eun) together transport her child to a new family with the promise “If you continue to search, you will meet someone with better conditions”.

With a touching story and a talented cast like Song Kang Ho, Gang Dong Won, Doona Bae, Lee Ji Eun, Lee Joo Young will bring viewers funny but also profound moments of a real movie. healing for the soul in a society full of traps and judgments. Come to the theater and enjoy this wonderful work!