Wearing “anti-drop” cloth face masks to repel virus covid-19

As the new virus covid-19 spreads in the Viet Nam, the health protection for ourselves and community is more urgent than ever.


Cloth face masks are not as good as medical masks?

With highly contagious coronavirus (Covid-19) rapidly spreading throughout the world, many people are now shopping for surgical and medical masks to protect against this dangerous disease. But there is some evidence to suggest those masks can’t help prevent covid-19 virus. Instead of wearing an antibacterial cloth face masks will both bring anti virus effects and avoid fluctuations price and demand on market place.


Should we wear cloth face masks to keep safe from covid-19 virus?

In fact, there are various types of medical masks and cloth face masks on the market that do not guarantee quality. To ensure that the standard anti-virus masks abide by the ministry of health is required with three mains following.

  • Firstly, prevent the droplets directly when close contact with the cough/flu
  • Secondly, viruses and bacteria must be prevented with fine dust and minimum microfiltration.
  • Thirdly, the inner layer will be antibacterial and resistant to viruses through repeated washing.

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