Collagen is no stranger to women interested in beauty. However, apart from advertising collagen as a kind of “panacea” for the skin, what else do you understand about collagen?

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein because it makes up 1/3 of the protein in the body. To make it easier to understand, we can liken collagen to a kind of glue, which helps to bind cell tissues together. There are two types of collagen: endogenous collagen and exogenous collagen: Endogenous collagen: this is the type of collagen that our body can synthesize on its own, taking on many important functions in the body. Therefore, the decline in collagen will have a negative effect on our health. Exogenous collagen: is collagen synthesized from an external source In general, collagen plays a very important role in the body such as: contributing to the structure of tendons, fibers, connective tissue, teeth, skin and bones; support muscle structure, arteries; Assists in the purification of the skin…

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Why do you need collagen supplements?

In addition to the most famous effect of collagen is to help beautify women, collagen supplements also have many other outstanding effects, such as: Helps keep eyes healthy, avoids poor corneal function, vision and lens are affected by age. Improve skin tone, increase skin elasticity and hydration, avoid skin dryness and appearance of wrinkles. Prevention of arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure Boosts brain activity and supports immune activity Provides nutrients for hair and nails Helps strengthen bones, prevent osteoporosis

How to supplement collagen?

There are many ways to replenish collagen in the body. You can supplement collagen by building a scientific diet with collagen-rich foods: Whole grains Garlic Omega 3 rich seafood Green vegetables Egg whites, cheese,.. In addition, for more convenience, you can completely use collagen supplement products: