🍲 Welcome to Lau Bo Mam Ruoc Co Ba Restaurant! We are delighted to introduce two new amazing combos that will bring you unique and delightful culinary experiences. Let’s explore Combo Experience 1 and Combo Experience 2!

🌟 Combo Experience 1 – A savory blend of Mam Ruoc beef flavor:

🍲 Mam Ruoc Beef Hotpot: A flavorful hotpot with a fragrant broth made from natural Mam Ruoc paste, combined with tender and delicious beef that melts in your mouth.

🌿 Fresh Spring Rolls: Thin and smooth rice paper rolls filled with fresh and tasty vegetables, accompanied by savory grilled pork, tofu, and crispy fried fish, creating an exquisite spring roll dish.

🥗 Mixed Salad: A unique blend of fresh and delicious raw vegetables, mixed with a special dressing, providing a refreshing and nutritious taste.

🌟 Combo Experience 2 – A unique combination of seafood and beef:

🍲 Thai Seafood Hotpot: A rich and flavorful hotpot with distinctive Thai flavors, perfectly combining fresh seafood and aromatic spices, delivering a truly harmonious gastronomic experience.

🍚 Minced Beef Fried Rice: Fragrant fried rice made from premium-grade rice, combined with tender minced beef and fresh vegetables, creating an enticing and nutritious dish.

🥗 Mixed Salad: Fresh and delicious raw vegetables paired with the unique flavor of a special salad dressing, offering a diverse and appealing culinary experience.

🌿 Come and discover these combo experiences at Cô Ba’s Mam Ruoc Beef Hotpot Restaurant today. We guarantee to provide you with delicious, high-quality food and attentive service.

🎉 Special offers await you when you order Combo Experience 1 or Combo Experience 2 at Cô Ba’s Mam Ruoc Beef Hotpot Restaurant:

1️⃣ Special Discount: Receive a “Free Minced Beef Fried Rice” voucher with a purchase of 2 or more combo experiences or with a bill totaling 269k.

2️⃣ Professional Service: Our dedicated serving staff will ensure you have a complete dining experience, from helping you choose your dishes to providing attentive and prompt service. We always listen to and fulfill all customer requests.

3️⃣ Foodcourt Space: Enjoy delicious food in a warm and cozy environment, creating memorable moments with your family and friends.

Don’t hesitate! Visit Lau Bo Mam Ruoc Co Ba at SF-03A, 2nd floor, Foodcourt, Aeon Mall Binh Duong to experience these unique new combos. We guarantee to provide you with an excellent meal and unforgettable culinary experiences.