From 01/07/2024 to 15/07/2024

It’s the end of the most dynamic summer event in 2022, let’s review some special shopping activities and festivals taking place at AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary during this time.

From 10.06.2022 to the end of 10.07.2022 with a total bill from  2,000,000 VND at stores in the shopping mall area, you can participate in the lucky wheel to receive one of the attractive gifts such as Aeon Mall umbrellas, multi-purpose boxes, shopping E-vouchers and special gifts which is Porta suitcases from Frico brand.

Congratulations to the lucky customers who won special prizes during the program.

The Shopping Center also creates free activities to improve community health such as:

1.  Family Health Checkup Event

At the event, customers will receive free health check-ups and consultations by doctors from Colombia Asia International Hospital.

2. International Yoga Day

On 21.06.2022, at the Center Court,  AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary co-organized the YOGA DAY event with Thuan An Women’s Association and Renaissance Fitness & Yoga store, with the desire to provide solutions to improve health, minimize Stress, body aches after Covid inparticular and the overall health benefits in general for customers through YOGA.
Coming to the event, you can enjoy the performances as well as participate in:

Mini game about Yoga Day
Performing Arts Yoga from Renaissance Fitness & Yoga Club
Performing from members under the coordination of Yoga Master
Coordinator: Thuan An Women’s Union & Renaissance Fitness & Yoga store

Besides, Aeon Mall Binh Duong Canany also organizes activities to celebrate Vietnam Family Day and an extremely exciting Teach House Music Event with the participation of singer Tang Duy Tan.

1. Free Family Photography & Creative Cardboard Game

Children can play with toys that are recycled from cardboard and directly create art products from Eco House playground on the 2nd floor, Food Court area. Then the whole family can take a free instant photo at the Playground.

Through this activity, AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary wishes to be able to motivate parents and children to create interesting toys together through recycling, for even s smallest environment protection from the smallest people can change the environment we’re living.

2. Tech House Fes. Music Night

The TECH HOUSE music festival, with the participation of singer Tang Duy Tan and modern dance performances of the League group, has brought customers at the Shopping Center one of the most memorable festivals this summer. .

Performance by singer Tang Duy Tan

Modern dance performance by League group.

Thank you customers for shopping and leaving beautiful pictures during this summer. We hope that the upcoming events at AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary will continue to receive enthusiastic support from you dear customers.

See more special events HERE!

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    Responding to World Environment Day 2022 with the message “ONLY ONE EARTH”, AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary together with departments, organizations in Binh Duong Province and recycling companies have cooperated to organize environmental event series in 2022. Let’s take a look at these memorable moments together:
    From 01/07/2024 to 15/07/2024
    To celebrate International Yoga Day June 21, 2022, AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary has cooperated with Thuan An City Women’s Union and Renaissance Japan Fitness & Yoga Club to successfully organize an artistic Yoga performance. The event took place in the central lobby with the participation of more than 130 members from the Thuan An City Women’s Union and a very special performance from professional Yoga instructors.
    From 01/07/2024 to 15/07/2024

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