The Party Hall in FOODCOURT area serves the needs of birthday parties, corporate parties, year-end meetings, …

The party hall can accommodate up to 58 customers and completely free of charge for you to book for dining occasions with relatives and colleagues or any occasions.

Please follow these step for Hall booking:

Step 1: Contact to book table 01 day in advance via hotline: 0274 6259333 (ext: 119) or email:

Step 2: Confirmation from Management team (if booked through email)

Step 3: Arrive on time of reservation, please note that we will reserve your seat for 5 minutes more after your booking time, if after this time you cannot arrive, then the Party hall will be released and used by all guests.

*NOTES for booking Party Hall:

  • Please reserve a table for at least 20 guests to use the private party hall.
  • Please note that each reservation can only last up to 4 hours maximum.

Venue: FOODCOURT – 2nd floor