Mango is a typical tropical fruit. From mango can be processed into many different delicious dishes, including mango ice cream. Let’s enjoy the cool taste of mango ice cream with the instructions below.

Ingredients for making mango ice cream

Ripe mango: 300g
Whipping: 250ml
Sand sugar: 30gr
Condensed milk: 20ml
Fresh milk: 200ml
Tools: whisk, blender, plastic box, ice cream scoop

Preliminary mango

When you buy a mango, wash it, then peel it. Because not washing before peeling, dirt will stick to the mango flesh, and you must not wash the mango again after peeling, so it will lose its sweetness.

Next, you cut the mango into small pieces (as shown).

Chop the mango to make it easy to puree

Cắt nhỏ xoài để dễ xay nhuyễn

Chop the mango into small pieces to make it easy to puree, not to be caught on the mango (Photo: Internet)

Puree mango with blender

You put it into the blender, including: 300gr mango meat, 30gr granulated sugar, 20ml condensed milk and 200ml fresh milk. Because the mango is already sweet, do not add too much sugar, the ice cream will be harsh. The next way to make mango ice cream with a blender is to puree the mixture. When you see that the surface of this mixture is smooth and shiny, turn off the machine and put it in a bowl.

Whipping whipping cream

You put 250ml of whipping into an aluminum bowl, use a whisk or a whisk to beat whipping at the smallest level until the cream is slightly rippled, slightly stiff. Hand stir gently, in one direction so that the cream is not grout. Whipping time is from 25 to 30 minutes for hand brushing, 15 minutes for typing.

Make mango ice cream

In the next step, slowly pour the whipping cream into the bowl of the mango puree mixture, pouring while stirring so that the mixture easily blends together, the cream does not clump. Note when stirring, use a whisk or whisk to stir until the cream is smooth and thickened. When you see the ice cream has started to be flexible and a little hard, it is okay.

Whisk the mixture well

Đánh đều hỗn hợp

Beat the mixture on the lightest and lowest level so that the cream is not grout (Image: Internet)


Finally, you pour the liquid mango ice cream into a plastic container. Then cover tightly and freeze in the refrigerator at 2 degrees Celsius for 3 hours. About 40 minutes, you bring out the ice cream and stir it so that the fruit ice cream does not get crushed.

How to make mango ice cream

Cách làm kem xoài

How to make mango ice cream simple and very delicious (Photo: Internet)

When enjoying mango ice cream at home, you just need to use an ice cream scooper to make delicious round ice cream balls into cups or glasses and sip. In addition, you can use ice cream molds to make very attractive mango ice cream sticks for the whole family to enjoy.