Summer will sometimes make us uncomfortable, feeling oppressed, due to high temperatures and hot weather. Therefore, when choosing summer clothes, we need to pay attention to styles, materials, and colors to stay comfortable and stylish in every moment. AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary will tell you how to choose clothes in hot and uncomfortable days of summer!

1- Choose the right material

In the summer, one of the criteria for choosing clothes that we prioritize is to choose cool and comfortable fabrics suitable for hot, hot summer days.

Fabrics such as cotton linen are always a priority, because these are all cool, sweat-absorbing, soft fabrics so that the wearer does not feel heavy and frustrated in hot weather.

These fabrics will help us stay comfortable in outdoor activities, especially when traveling.

2- The material is UV resistant

One of the questions of choosing clothes to be both beautiful and protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun. During the summer, UV rays are often high, so choosing clothes that are resistant to harmful UV rays is very important and always a top concern. In particular, not only against UV rays, Ninomaxx Concept’s UV resistant shirts are also thin and light, with convenient inner and outer pockets, trendy designs, youthful colors, ready to accompany you on weather days. hot summer sun.

3 – Choose clothes with fresh colors

Bright and youthful colors, these colors will make our mood happy and comfortable, thereby creating memorable trips.

One of the physical factors that cannot be ignored is that light colors absorb less light than dark colors, so we will feel cooler than dark colored clothes.

4 – Choose light and light clothes

One of the priorities when choosing clothes in hot weather is to pay attention to choosing clothes with thin and light materials, these fabrics will help our skin “breathe”. On hot days and do not make us feel heavy when wearing clothes all day long, the clothes with thin and light materials also have the advantage of quick drying and have the ability to absorb sweat and breathe. easily balance the body’s temperature, thereby feeling comfortable and comfortable.

5 – Spacious and comfortable design

To be comfortable in all activities or during summer trips, you should choose clothes with a spacious and comfortable design, avoid choosing clothes that are too tight, which can easily cause discomfort and frustration when you are traveling. wear for hours.

One of Ninomaxx’s travel fit polo models is very suitable for men to choose when traveling to explore thanks to the slim fit shape that does not hug the body, easily covering the second round defect, helping men to be confident. in all summer activities.

AEON MALL Binh Duong has revealed ways to choose clothes in hot weather days to always feel the most confident and comfortable in this hot summer day.