What is Iscra fiber material? Iscra yarn products!

A series of fabrics that are storming the market is Iscra. But many consumers do not know what kind of fabric this is and what special features it has. Soon, let’s AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary and Ninomaxx Concept find out what Iscra fiber is? And products from Iscra yarn!

1. What is ISCRA yarn?

Iscra yarn is also known as the fiber made from cornstarch fiber. This is a very environmentally friendly fiber and is often used as an alternative to traditional synthetic fabrics.

Ninomaxx Concept is no exception to the trend of eco fashion – sustainable fashion, the development team is always looking for environmentally friendly fabrics that not only meet fashion, shape but also features. user-friendly, meeting strict performance requirements.

Iscra is a fiber with excellent stretch properties, and is an environmentally friendly material extracted from Corn, polymerized in the main manufacturing process, so Iscra fabrics have outstanding stretchability. , keep good form as well as limit wrinkles.

2. Special features of ISCRA fabric extracted from corn flour

2.1 Environmentally friendly

This is one of the bio-fibers extracted from cornstarch, environmentally friendly and widely used in sustainable fashion trends. Because this is a renewable fabric, it reduces Co2 emissions more than the production process of conventional fabrics. On the other hand, this type of fiber also helps to reduce water consumption, because corn flour requires less water than other materials.

2.2 Good elasticity

Iscra fiber material has elastic elasticity, very suitable for outdoor activities or travel, picnic.

2.3 Antibacterial ability

One of the advantages of Iscra fiber is its superior antibacterial and deodorizing ability compared to other fabrics. In particular, this fiber does not irritate the skin and is easy to wash, providing optimal convenience during use.

2.4 Cool and soft

Thanks to advanced weaving technology, the fabric from Iscra fiber is very soft and especially breathable, does not cause discomfort to the wearer, bringing a cool feeling when touching the fabric surface. Therefore, this fabric is very popular in the fashion industry, producing environmentally friendly products and providing a pleasant feeling when in contact with the skin different from most synthetic fabrics. normally.

3. The product lines are launched from the material line ISCRA

It is the special features of Iscra fabric that Ninomaxx Concept focuses on researching and producing T-shirts from this material, the main advantages such as good sweat absorption, elasticity, superior form retention. , soft, easy to maintain … suitable for young people and those who love environmentally friendly product lines