Japan is famous for products with impossible functions, this article will bring you 5 products at Kohnan Japan that are extremely unique and have surprising uses.

1. Awake Tissue – YUMA

When you stay up late to run a deadline or study, or drive away, you may find it very difficult to stay awake, as usual, you can drink tea or coffee but absorb too much of these substances into your body is not good at all. Please use YUWA wet tissue with essential mint oil ingredients to help bring a feeling of refreshment and alertness when used. A strange way to wake up, isn’t it, you will feel the unexpected use of this product.

2. ANTONA mask strap

When the endurance of the ears is limited but there are countless things to rely on your ears such as, jewelry, glasses, ears phone, masks. The Antona mask strap was born with the purpose of supporting the ears to wear the mask 8 hours a day, you will be surprised with the use of the product right away. Come to Kohnan store to bring hơm your favorite styles!

3. Anti-slip pads

If you have old people and children in your home, the slippery foot mat or the wet floor around the swimming pool that causes slippery is an obsession for family members. Anti-slip pads are your savior, with their ability to limit slips on hot, humid days, they are often left in front of the house, toilet, in the bathroom to keep everyone safe. In addition to anti-slip, these anti-slip pads also have an unexpected use that is massage for your feet to be comfortable and relaxed.

4.  Barley Young Leaves A-O-JI-RU

For those who do not like to eat vegetables but are afraid of constipation, Barley Young Leaves powder will help you solve those untold problem for you. In addition to providing more fiber for the digestive process, Barley Young Leaves powder also has an unexpected use that is to provide more vitamins and minerals with high content to help fight aging, pigmentation, freckles, and acne. Thoroughly improve your skin from the inside.

5. ME-GU-RI-TUM Steam Eyes Mask

After a day of work and exposure to a lot of screens from electronic devices will cause dryness and eye strain. The sun’s rays and wavelengths from screens can also cause wrinkles around the eyes. Besides using eye drops, the eye massage is also very important, the steam eyes mask with a warming effect of up to 40 degrees Celsius will bring unexpected pain relief, the mask also hugs your skin tightly. The elastic material helps blood circulation of the eye and improve the skin around your eyes.